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Join Us for Screen Free Week May 5-11

Screen Free Week is May 5-11, 2014! Within the Balance My Day™ curriculum, you can find fun and effective Screen Free week lessons that help kids make the screen-free, active play connection. Here are just a few examples to help you plan your Screen Free Week activities with the kids you lead:

A Lesson from the Balance My Day curriculum™ (need a copy? Get one here):

  • How Media Influences Eating and Weight - Grades 6-8, Influences Lesson 1, p. 41
    • Example: Ask kids what % of the time they view some type of media while eating. Explain for the next 5 days, kids will use a log on the worksheet to track and answer questions about media-free meals.
  •  How Do Healthy Habits Stack Up? - Grades 6-8, Active Play Lesson 2, p. 177
    • Example: If activity is to compete with time for screen entertainment, physical activity choices need to be FUN. It needs to be something that is a “want to do” rather than a “have to do.” Therefore, think of physical activity as Active Play.
    • Have kids list on a piece of paper:
      • activities you can do by yourself
      • activities you can do to have fun with friends and family
      • activities you can do in 10-15 minutes
      • sports interests
    • Ask kids to choose at least 2 Active Play ideas listed, which they personally consider fun and would choose to do.
    • Have them set a goal to DO one of those 2 ideas instead of screen time during Screen Free Week.

Take the Screen Free Week Pledge
Adults and Kids:

  • Watch no TV or DVDs, play no video or mobile games, and only use the computer if it's required for work;
  • Encourage my friends and family to go screen-free with me;
  • Explore new screen-free activities; and

Try out a Screen Free Play Plan from TRUCE
They have new seasonal play plans, including one for Gardening! The others include one for bubbles and string play. The Screen Free Play Plan: Gardening says it all: “Turn off the screens & turn on the gardening”.

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