Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

What is a Nutrition Ed Tool Box?

Simply put, it’s a “toolbox” of nutrition education ideas you can fit into day to day practices no matter where you are. Of course the location of your toolbox is up to you. It can be a physical location, or one in cyberspace, but wherever you save your ideas, keep it easy to access on the go.

We often hear back from teachers, physical educators, school nutrition staff and youth leaders about how they tweaked HKC lessons or activity ideas to fit available resources or integrated them with other subject matter. This great feedback is super inspiring, and demonstrates how nutrition education can become a part of day to day practices.

Join the Nutrition Ed Tool Box Challenge to share and learn from others! From our trainings and work with teachers and youth leaders, we hear about how creative minds are meeting the challenge to incorporate nutrition lessons and more physical movement into their classrooms, gyms and cafeterias.

We have many examples of how those creative minds have successfully met the challenge already, but we need more! Here are just a few to get your creativity flowing:

MIddle School FACS Class

Community Youth Groups

P.E. Class

Ready to submit your lesson or project? Enter it in the Nutrition Ed Tool Box Challenge Form.