Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HKC On the Road: Denver, CO

When I think about the day I spent in the Denver Public Schools working with staff from five of their area high schools the words that come to me are collaborative and dedicated. The district has a PEP grant and is working very hard to implement at the high school level all sorts of collaborative partnership efforts - from the development of building level wellness councils to providing training for the school food service staff in an effort to work more closely with the PE department and the grant.

We not only had food service managers but an RD for the district, the leadership from the PE department, grant coordinator and evaluator, along with wellness staff representation at the training. Questions weren’t about why should we do this but what are the steps we need to take or not about should we apply for any of the wellness school awards (HealthierUS School Challenge, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, etc.) but which one first!

As we all know it’s sometimes a big challenge to create sustained change in a high school setting without a great deal of obstacles and resistance. I won’t say this school district has all the answers; they would agree with me that they don’t, but they are seeking answers, doing the work, engaging community partners, students, and staff to make a healthy difference for kids.

It truly was a “Rocky Mountain High” for me to get the opportunity to work with this very professional and motivated team! I hope to have many happy returns in the months ahead.