Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HKC on the Road: Coal Township, PA

Early into the BMD (Balance My Day ) training in Coal Township, PA, a teacher acknowledged that adding nutrition education to the already long list of topics to be addressed in the classroom is overwhelming. This is a common concern! I was happy that this brave teacher said out loud what others at the training, and many before, were also thinking.

We addressed this concern by assuring participants that BMD nutrition education is totally flexible and can fit any teacher’s needs. It integrates with core curriculum, and can be used as a 1-minute bain break all the way to a 40-minute cooking skills lesson. Throughout the day we focused on Hear, See and Do Activities, which incorporate healthy eating and moving more while learning math, science, social studies and literacy.

  • Some of the teachers decided to use a book exhibit or book fair to promote healthy lifestyle choices;
  • several others started planning for cooking in the classroom with BMD Curriculum recipes.
  • One teacher enjoyed the food trivia questions in the BMD Book and is planning to include these as part of her morning routine;
  • another realized that by encouraging her students to move from their classroom carpet back to their seats using different locomotive skills such as sliding or tiptoeing, she is promoting fun physical movement.
  • Brain Breaks will be used as a time to get students up and moving and learning about healthy food choices in several classrooms.

By the end of the training, I was impressed to see that in spite of their reservations about busy schedules, Coal Township teachers had designed a number of easy-to-implement nutrition education techniques and classroom physical activities. The students at Coal Township have a lot to look forward to!

“Very informative and lots of activities for school-aged children. Great workshop to participate [in]. I’d recommend this HKC-SPARK workshop to others.”  - Lisa Gass, Shamokin Area