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Breakfast GO Power Teaching Resources and Tips

Go ahead and Take Healthy Action by teaching Breakfast GO Power messaging with multiple ideas and activities to drive the message home!

Create Awareness

  • Grab attention with a bulletin board or banner. One example:
    • Go Power! Breakfast gives bodies more energy!
    • Go Power! Breakfast gives minds more think power!
    • Go Power! Breakfast helps build a tasty, healthy MyPlate!
  • Have kids create a list of favorite healthy breakfast foods. Challenge them to make breakfast a daily habit! Use the Explore MyPlate Teaching Cards to jump start their lists and teach about breakfast foods in the different food groups.
  • Promote breakfast as a good way to start every day, not just during testing days! Have kids find facts online supporting breakfast every day, make a poster, and line the hallways with their promotions.
  • Our Wednesday WOWS newsletter has ideas every week!
  • Find ideas in the Health Works Basic Kit.

Build Skills in the Classroom

  • HKC Food Cards - 156 common MyPlate food pictures for nutrition education activities for Childcare providers and K-2 grades: Use magazine photos or HKC food cards to discuss healthy breakfast foods with kids. Encourage them to ask for those healthy foods at home.
  • Have kids create healthy breakfast menus including 3 MyPlate food groups or
  • Use our breakfast Classroom & Afterschool Activity "Shape Up My Day with Breakfast for GO Power". Challenge kids to share these ideas with their parents.
  • Many more easy and flexible ideas can be found in the Balance My Day nutrition curriculum for grades K-8.
  • Taking healthy action is hard when you don’t know where to start...let us help with customized training to meet your needs!

Change the Environment

  • Try out “grab-and-go” breakfast at school. Create appeal by marketing with signs everywhere. Have classes draw “Breakfast GO Power” messages; also present “Breakfast GO Power” commercials to another class.
  • The Take Healthy Action booklet and our other wellness team resources are great help in getting started!
  • Every month, we have 22 new Healthy6 printables for classroom, parents, community, and individuals free on our website!

Cook-up Cafeteria Excitement

  • Invite local celebrities to school breakfast, and as a bonus have a student reporter or class cover the event as a “media” story.
  • Create a plan with PTA to host a “Serving up MyPlate” breakfast as a way to give everyone a boost during testing weeks. For example, blend up smoothies and combine with a “build a breakfast trail mix” using whole grain cereal, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and nuts.

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