Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Drink Think Teaching Tips and Resources

Go ahead and Take Healthy Action by teaching Drink Think messaging with multiple ideas and activities to drive the message home!

Create Awareness

  • Grab attention with a bulletin board or banner. One example: "A Good Reason to Think Milk as a Drink: The Bare Bone Facts!" Did you know your body has 206 bones that are alive and growing? Calcium in milk helps your bones to grow: Think Milk 3 A Day!
  • Have kids create a list of favorite healthy drinks. Challenge them to choose water, low fat milk. Use the MyPlate Teaching Cards to jump start their lists.
  • Our Wednesday WOWS newsletter has ideas every week!
  • Find ideas in the Health Works Basic Toolkit.

Build Skills in the Classroom

Change the Environment

  • Make water more accessible throughout the school campus. Think about vending, concessions, a la carte lines, and everywhere!
  • The Take Healthy Action booklet and our other wellness team resources are great help in getting started!
  • Every month, we have 22 new Healthy6 printables for classroom, parents, community, and individuals free on our website!

Cook-up Cafeteria Excitement

  • Activity: Ask a classroom (grades 5-8) to survey peers on the average number of glasses of milk and bottles of soda consumed each day. Calculate the average number of gallons of milk and sodas consumed each year. Collect clean, 1 gallon container milk jugs. Set up a display in the cafeteria that shows in 1 year, the average number of gallons of soft drinks consumed compared to the average number of gallons of milk consumed.

Connect with Families

  • Challenge kids and families to a “Drink Think Challenge.” Have them keep track of the number of times they choose water instead of soda in 1 week.
  • Cigna Mix Six for Healthy Balance Toolkit - share the Drink Think section and other Healthy6 message tips with the families you know.
  • Drink Think "Tap Into Water Every Day" - Use this handout in the classroom and then send it home to families
  • Take the Challenge - Drink Think - Keep Beverage Calories under Control