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All Eyes on Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are interesting, nutritious and a great veggie to teach about to preschoolers. Use the simple activity below to spur healthy curiosity in the kids you lead!

Sweet Potato Hill (adapted from USDA Team Nutrition Grow It, Try It Like It! preschool nutrition curriculum)

Ahead of time:

  • Place a whole sweet potato in a small paper sack.
  • Wash and cut small sweet potato slices for tasting samples and place on a serving tray. Set aside.
  1. Introduce the paper sack as the Mystery Bag that contains a special mystery object to guess.
  2. One at a time, have each child come up and feel what is in the Mystery Bag and then describe quietly to you what he/she feels.
  3. After the last child, reveal the sweet potato and talk about it, asking the questions below:
  • Is the sweet potato a fruit or vegetable? (vegetable)
  • What shape is it? (oblong, like a squished ball)
  • What color is the outside of the sweet potato? (light to bright orange)
  • How does the outside of it feel? (bumpy)
  • Does it have a smell? (may have no smell or smell musty like soil)
  • Is it soft or hard? (hard)
  • Has anyone ever tasted a sweet potato? If so, was it cooked or raw?
  • To conclude, offer the kids a sample of raw sweet potato to taste.

    HEAR-SEE-DO for Summer Learning

Help kids hear the message that vegetables are interesting foods.
Let them see by using their senses to learn about a specific vegetable, a sweet potato.
Let them do by providing hands on activities and tasting opportunities.

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” -- Charles R. Swindoll