Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HKC on the Road: Leroy, NY

“I’d recommend this workshop to others. Usable, vital information regarding content and delivery methods." - Balance My Day workshop participant

During the LeRoy, NY Central School district Balance My Day Training, we were treated to a colorful, tasty lunch that perfectly illustrated the Healthy Kids Challenge Balance My Day approach.

Food service staff prepared a salad bar, dinner rolls, soup and cookies for all school staff at continuing education classes and thus demonstrated that the cafeteria is THE perfect nutrition laboratory! In addition to the well-presented food, posters in the cafeteria help promote physical activity and healthy eating and create a welcoming atmosphere for students and staff.

Balance My Day (BMD) workshop attendees identified other ways their school can promote healthy lifestyle choices such as:

  • displaying MyPlate concepts on bulletin boards,
  • using brain break activities from the BMD Curriculum to promote fun physical activity AND teach nutrition concepts,
  • food journaling activities such as a MyPlate paper chain and a Plate Your Breakfast game,
  • playing tag games in P.E. which promote healthy choices,
  • promoting healthy breakfast options in the nurses' office and
  • using food cards to help students choose a variety of foods from each food group.

I was impressed with the thorough way that LeRoy Schools planned their BMD Training allowing a variety of school staff to attend - lower elementary teachers, P.E. and science teachers, a family and consumer science teacher as well as school nurses.

Because of this comprehensive approach, students and staff in the LeRoy School District will encounter the message to Eat Right and Move More from many different sources during their school day and beyond.

Participants stated:

"New ideas to use in elementary classroom with new curriculum."

"Active and fun!"