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Amazing Fruits and Veggies Kids’ Activity

September is Fruit & Veggie Month so use this easy nutrition lesson below to get kids thinking about eating healthy produce!

Hear - See - Do Activity: Amazing Fruits and Veggies

Help kids hear the message that fruits & veggies are healthy and tasty.
Let them see the variety of fruit & veggie colors.
Let them do by giving them a challenge to complete.

Discussion Points -

Fruits & veggies rule when it comes to great taste and loads of nutrients. See the benefits:

Vitamins and minerals: Different fruits & veggies provide different types and amounts of vitamins and minerals so eating a variety is important.

Fiber: It fills us up so that we don't overeat and keeps our digestive tract moving along and healthy.

  • Orange fruits and veggies (sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots, cantaloupe) provide Vitamin A for healthy eyesight, skin and hair.
  • Kiwi fruit, green peppers and oranges provide Vitamin C that heals wounds and keeps gums healthy.

Discussion Questions - Write fruit & veggie colors across the classroom board. Purple/Blue--Green--White--Red--Yellow/Orange

  1. Not counting juice, which fruits & veggies did you have to eat today? Write kids' responses under the appropriate color groups.
  2. Are there color groups missing?
  3. If you aren't eating the recommended amounts (at least 1-1/2 cups of fruit and 2-1/2 cups of veggies) every day, do you think you could? How would you do it? (Brainstorm and write answers on the board)
  4. Challenge kids to set one goal that will help them eat more fruits and/or veggies this week.

Adapted from the "Amazing Fruits & Veggies" lesson, Balance My Day™ nutrition curriculum, Grades 3-5