Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Move and Learn with HKC and MyPlate

Healthy balance means eating foods from all 5 MyPlate food groups and including active play. Use the fun activity below to reinforce this healthy message!

MyPlate Hear – See – Do Activity

Help kids hear the message that healthy eating and active play provide balance to the day!

Let them see the recommended MyPlate food servings for healthy eating.

Let them do by connecting nutrition education with active play.

  1. Tell kids they will be building a healthy plate with lower fat and no added sugar choices from 5 MyPlate food groups.
  1. Write the 5 food groups (Vegetables, Fruits, Grains Protein, Dairy) and the number of daily servings recommended from each (see below), on the board.
  1. Call out a food group and ask kids to perform a movement for the number of servings recommended:
  • Grains: 6 — Windmill motions 6 times
  • Fruit: 1-1/2 cups (3-one half cup servings) –Knee touches 3 times
  • Vegetables: 2-1/2 cups (5-one half cup servings) –Shoulder touches 5 times
  • Protein: 5 ounces — Mimic free throws 5 times
  • Dairy: 3 cups — Jump 3 times

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