Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

HKC On the Road: Danville, KY

A recent HKC Balance My Day Training in Danville, KY had P.E. teachers and food service staff hitting the books! Popular children’s books, that is. "Blueberries for Sal" by Robert McCloskey (Viking Press) and "I'm a Seed" by Jean Marzallo (Scholastic) inspired staff to plan ways to get students invested in eating healthier and moving more.

Food Service staff planned to serve blueberries and post fun facts about blueberries in the cafeteria and P.E. teachers designed physical activities that emphasized different fruit and vegetable colors. I loved seeing the excitement on Food Service Director, Patty Taylor's face as she used a book about honey to plan a program for students involving presentations by local bee keepers.

A Danville P.E. teacher mentioned that until the HKC Balance My Day training, she felt frustrated with the lack of time she had to prepare and deliver nutrition education. I was happy to hear that she was leaving the training feeling equipped to provide nutrition education in warm ups, cool downs and P.E. games.

Danville cafeterias have newly installed television monitors. By the end of the HKC Training, Danville Staff had plans to use those monitors to present fun food facts.

I applaud the Danville Schools for their commitment to helping students eat healthier and move more by including the school nurse, cafeteria staff, P.E. teachers and classroom approaches in their plans.

"Excellent. Full of great ideas. Helpful with problem solving issues." - P.E. teacher

"More classroom teachers need to attend. Very useful workshop." - P.E. teacher 

"Excellent workshop. Interesting and fun." - School foodservice staff