Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Explore MyPlate

MyPlate is a great guide for eating to feel and look our best. Use fun, hands-on activities to help kids use simple steps to healthy eating by learning more about the foods in each group.

At home, identify MyPlate food groups in cupboards, pantries, and in the refrigerator – or explore food groups on a grocery store tour. Note: For a list of foods by food group, refer to Choose For each food group listed on the left side of the page, choose “Food Gallery.”

  • For each of the food groups:
    • Identify foods commonly eaten and foods that are not. Talk about the variety of foods commonly eaten. For example, how many different foods are eaten in each group?
    • Ask kids if they are surprised by the way any of the foods are grouped. (As an example, many younger kids believe eggs are a dairy food because they are often found in the dairy food area of the grocery store. Also, it can be confusing that peas and beans are found in both the Vegetable and the Protein Food Groups, while nuts and seeds are found in both the Protein Food Group and as Oil.)