Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Healthy Habit Builders

We hope the activity ideas for events and health fairs in this month’s blogs and Healthy Kids Challenge WOWS Newsletters have been an inspiration. For those of you who already practice hear-see-do, we respectfully hope you will share your ideas with others. The activity ideas go beyond the typical “tips handout.” They have event goers actually hear a healthy message, see why it is important or how a change is made, and then either commit to make a “shift” to healthier choices or practice what they have observed during the activity.

You can make a difference today for tomorrow. Regardless of where – at home, school, an event, or youth organization – “hear, see, and do” activities improve the potential for the development of healthy habits.

We incorporate this best practice in everything we do. All of the lessons in the Healthy Kids Challenge Curriculum, Balance My Day, incorporate these objectives, too. Whether it is Move and Learn in classroom lessons or optional Taste and Learn activities, the curriculum provides active, hands-on learning.