Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Taste and Learn

Kids learn by doing and they are always eager to lend a hand in the kitchen. So take advantage of the interest by combining cooking and learning! At Healthy Kids Challenge we refer to this as “Taste and Learn.” Start with:

  • Learning about and practicing food safety. Have kids research recommendations for safe foods. Resource: Learn about Clean – Separate – Cook – Chill from Fight Bac!
  • Practice safety in the kitchen. Note: For the most part, kids ages 10-12 can work independently in the kitchen, but should still have adult supervision. Ensure knowledge of basic kitchen rules such as safe placement of pan handles, unplugging electrical appliances, using knives and safely using the oven or microwave. Resource: Learn about age appropriate tasks at Teaching Kids to Cook.
  • Talk about the Food Groups identified in MyPlate and sort the recipe ingredients by Food Group. Have kids journal their food intake for one or more days, and determine the number of servings consumed from each MyPlate food group. An easier option is for kids to journal fruit and vegetable intake only. Resource: MyPlate.