Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Wonderful Opportunities With Schools "WOWS" E-Newsletter

Each WOWS E-Newsletter gives a short, action step, and ready tips for teaching nutrition and/or adding physical activity to the day!

Wednesday WOWS

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Wonderful Opportunities With Schools

  • An E-newsletter designed for youth leaders and school staff

During the school year, every other week, WOWS provides quick, simple ideas for KidLinks™ working with kids K-8. Healthy Kids Challenge encourages KidLinks™ to use the ideas for easy actions during the week or keep on file for another time.

Action Ideas for Healthy Kids Challenge’s Six Healthy Messages

There will be action tips targeting a specific healthy behavior to help kids with wellness and greater academic potential!

Ideas spotlight fruits and vegetables— breakfast—healthy snacks—active play and less screen time—smart servings—beverage choices.

Activities, Bulletin Board Ideas, Parent Tips and More

Along with suggestions for group activities, bulletin boards, and more, WOWS provides grant updates from organizations across the country and  Web site resource links. Cut-and-paste parent tips can be easily inserted into your own newsletters.

Ideas in WOWS E-newsletter ideas employ recommended behavior change strategies

HKC calls this HEAR – SEE –DO to put best practices into motion!

  Help people hear the message (increase awareness or knowledge/skills)
Help people see how to make healthy change
Help people do what is suggested (practice making healthy changes)

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What others have said about WOWS

“Excellent ideas and resources. Interactive play was fun and good learning too!”
High School Principal

“Love the newsletter each week!”
Elementary Principal

“Wednesday WOWS has been very important and helpful…. WOWS, Healthy Tips to Go, Setting Up for Success were used for newsletter and announcement tips…. Keep the information coming (i.e. newsletters, etc.)! With our busy schedules, we need the information given to us.”
Elementary School Nurse

“I liked the WOWS.”
Elementary School Counselor