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Healthy schools and places help build healthy kids! Healthy Kids Challenge® (HKC) workshops help schools and youth programs build those healthy places and integrate education that enables kids to make healthy eating choices balanced with physical activity.

Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of your audience, school, or community. The nutrition education emphasis ranges from a comprehensive curriculum for kids to healthy eating activities. Other trainings are designed for school food service (HealthierUS School Challenge) and for after school and community programs. Workshops are also customized to address environmental changes and wellness policies that support healthful eating and physical activity.

Participant comments and workshop evaluations consistently demonstrate the effectiveness of HKC trainings.

The evidence that connects good nutrition and physical activity with academics is clear. Healthy kids achieve.

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“Excellent workshop, I would recommend it to all who work with kids.” Workshop participant


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Support, Build Skills, Motivate, Activate and Sustain

HKC provides simple solutions through training and tools for kids and families to eat healthy and move more. HKC uses effective, interactive behavior education strategies. HKC “Hear - See - Do” workshops engage participants with “Hearing - Seeing – Doing (practicing)” action ideas for kids! Workshops are designed to meets your needs! There are options for onsite half day — full day — or conference breakout sessions.

  • Trainings and Workshops
    -Wellness teams
    -School nutrition service
    -Community groups
    -Childcare providers
  • Conference Presentations
  • Distance Assistance Program
    -By phone
    -Through email
    -Customized webinars
  • Program & Materials Development
    -Connect healthy eating and moving more!

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Award Winning Presenters Energize with Fun, Interactive Training!

  • Vickie L. James, R.D., L.D., an American Dietetic Association National Award Recipient for Excellence in Community Dietetics and 2012 MDPA Communicating Childhood Obesity Prevention and Policy Hall of Fame Inductee

  • Healthy Kids Challenge®, an Anita Owen award recipient for “Most Innovative Educational Program for the Public” by the American Dietetic Association

“Vickie James is a dynamic speaker with creativity plus. Her presentations and programs are filled with great activities and creative ideas for children, educators, and families. She makes learning about nutrition and physical activity fun.” Nutrition Education Consultant, State Department of Education

“Excellent workshop, I would recommend it to all who work with kids.”
Workshop participant

"Your ideas are so simple, so real, so right for promoting school meals, MyPlate and participating in the HealthierUS School Challenge Program. This was one of the best sessions I've attended here!"
SFS Director, Florida

Customized Onsite Workshops

HKC provides workshops from coast to coast, training school and youth leaders who are reaching 100's of thousands of kids each day. The following is a sampling of schools and programs taking action to make a healthy difference for kids.

  • Denver Public Schools - a collaboration of five area high schools
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin, teachers and physical educators
  • Charlotte, North Carolina, afterschoool and charter school staff
  • Palm Beach, Florida, physical educators
  • Ada, Oklahoma, teachers
  • Dickson, South Dakota, teachers
  • Dillonvale, Ohio, teachers
  • Augusta, Georgia, youth program staff
  • School Nutrition Association 2012 Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado
  • San Jose, California, Parks and Recreation staff
  • Jennings School District, St. Louis, Missouri, PE teacher and planning team to implement changes in PE, classroom and school food service
  • Boone County Schools, Florence, Kentucky, classroom and PE teachers, and school food service
  • Flint, Michigan YouthQuest
  • Fort Worth YMCA, Texas
  • Carthage School District, New York
  • Forty schools in the state of Indiana. The schools, all recipients of TEAM Nutrition grant funds from their state, are receiving training and resources to apply for the HealthierUS School Challenge program.
  • Dickinson School District, North Dakota, classroom, afterschool, and school food service
  • Boys and girls clubs in Thomson and Augusta, Georgia
  • Sauk Village, Illinois, middle school teachers

Examples of Specialized Workshops

Snack Attack

At their request, twenty seven Johnson County, Kansas Parks and Recreation District afterschool program directors and Children’s Service Specialists received training around healthy snacks. The directors and their program staff have made a commitment to following best practice guidelines for healthy snacks.

Participant feedback was enthusiastic!

  • “My kids will LOVE the recipe ideas and the games you’ve shared with us today!”
  • “This was well worth my time and something I can take back and implement easily!”
  • “On a scale of 1 to 5, this workshop was a 10 plus!”

HKC-SPARK Nutrition Education Training

Workshop Ideas for
Wellness Teams
School Food Service
Child Care Providers
Youth Group Leaders
Healthcare Professionals
Community Groups
Kids and Families

Training for staff in the West Orange, New Jersey school district was centered around how to integrate brain breaks for better focus and concentration…healthy eating messages sprinkled throughout the school hallways, cafeteria, and classrooms…and nutrition education woven into PE and core curriculum K-12! Hats off to Thomas A. Edison Middle School and their entire school district in West Orange who truly understand the strategy of using good nutrition and physical activity to create a culture of health in the schools that can do nothing short of fueling student success.

Participant feedback shows training met target!

“Teaching our students to maintain a healthy balance with eating and exercise is our top priority. The SPARK program is helping provide the tools and training to achieve this goal”, shared Corinn Giaquinto, Health and Physical Education instructor, Thomas Edison Middle School, West Orange, New Jersey.

Tools for Healthy Schools

At the Healthy Schools Action Institute, sponsored by Cherokee Nation Healthy Nation Program and held at Northeastern State University campus in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Healthy School Advisory Committees learned new and simple solutions for integrating nutrition education and more minutes of motion into the elementary, middle and high school days.

Team comments included:

"I can't wait to get started!"
"I'm taking home so many GREAT ideas!"
"You have made this doable for our school team, thank you."

Healthy Kids Challenge nutrition workshop participants at PTA Conference National PTA Conference

PTA members attending the HKC Creating a Culture of Health in Schools workshop in Memphis, Tennessee found themselves engaged, motivated, and staying afterwards to talk about how they can be key leaders in their school districts to create a culture of health in schools.


"This workshop was THE BEST one I attended at the entire conference!
"I got so many good ideas to take back!" National PTA Conference participants

Child Care Providers

According to an October 12, 2009, Associated Press article, child care is the next frontier in fighting childhood obesity; elementary school efforts need to get a start earlier in a child's life. Three out of four children ages 2-5 spend at least part of their day in child care, 50% in formal child care settings.

Platte County, MO. Preschool directors and teachers attend healthy workshopThe Platte County (Missouri) Health Department was on the cutting edge in this arena when they requested an HKC led workshop for child care facility directors and lead teachers centered around

  • Healthier snacks and meals.
  • How to add more active play minutes to the day.
  • Team building for staff support.
  • Easy ways to support families with healthy change.

Participants said!

100% of participants agreed they would go back to their facilities and in the next month, implement at least two healthy changes, one for healthy eating and one for physical activity. Site visits one week after the workshop showed many of these action steps were already under way or in place. Great job!

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