Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Try a Ready, Set, Cook & Eat™ Event

Looking to get kids and adults involved in healthy food preparation and cooking?

We have an educational event that showcases quick and easy meal preparation called Ready, Set, Cook and Eat!™ (RSCE).

Help kids hear the message that food preparation and cooking can be fun and tasty. Let them see examples of healthy, yummy food choices. Let them do by offering a RSCE event.

Use RSCE in family & consumer science classes, afterschool programs, at parents' night or community events!


  • Three teams are formed with 3-4 participants and a team leader.
  • The teams are given 30-45 minutes to prepare a main dish and/or side dishes using items provided for them in a grocery bag.
  • Each team has different grocery bag ingredients that vary according to the program showcased, such as breakfast or snack ideas.
  • While the teams are busy, 2 emcees move through the audience sharing fun food trivia and healthy eating and physical activity tips. It's a fun experience for all who attend!

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