Healthy eating and physical activity solutions for kids

Connect with Community and Family

HKC events and parent connections challenge kids and families to move more, and discover how to make healthy choices EASY. Try our AWESOME interactive events for health fairs and parent nights.

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Drink Think Easy

For Educators and Youth Leaders

Take Healthy Action for Drink Think

Take Healthy Action for kids, family, co-workers and the community! Throughout 2015 we will help you initiate healthy change regarding nutrition and physical activity, using our Take Healthy Action booklet suggestions.

  1. Use the Classroom & Afterschool activities and WOWS Newsletter ideas to teach a Healthy6 message at school, home or in the community.

  2. Reinforce the message with the corresponding Healthy Me Challenge(HMC) to set goals. In addition, the HMC can be used for staff, community members or families.
    • Drink Think - Take Healthy Action...Keep Beverage Calories under Control
  3. Send home the corresponding message Parent Tip with kids, staff and community members to practice at home.

  4. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and and Pinterest for other resources to help you take healthy action!

More Drink Think resources!

Cigna Mix Six for Healthy Balance Toolkit - share the Breakfast GO Power and other Healthy6 message tips with the families you know 

HKC Food Cards - 156 common MyPlate food pictures for nutrition education activities


How to Connect with Parents

Encourage Parents with Hear, See, Do Tips

  • Test out our free printable Parent Tips, and then purchase your own set to use as health fair handouts or in any way that fits your needs.
  • Cut and paste our WOWS newsletter Parent Tips into your own newsletters.
    • Lessen sugared sodas. For every sugared soda you drink each day, substitute a bottle or glass of water instead. An amazing savings in calories and sugar!

"We have enjoyed this program so much because it enabled us to focus on how we can help our parents help their children become healthier and better informed about the roles of good nutrition and exercise. The smiles on the faces of those we serve say it all."-Library Director, Sabetha, KS

Parents, How Can YOU Take the Healthy Kids Challenge?

Make Healthy Choices Easy with Drink Think

Challenge yourself and your kids to simple ways to make healthy drink choices easier:

Try any of our monthly Healthy6 tip sheets or HealthyMe Challenges.